At Highlands Preschool, we emphasize learning through play. The students are encouraged to interact with their environment and fellow students at their own pace, mostly through self-directed activities.


Each day, the teachers prepare activities and projects for the children that relate to the theme of the day or week.


Highlands celebrates each season and a diverse array of holidays and customs. The curriculum is often centered around a holiday, culture, or event in order to create a rich experience for the students. In addition, the students participate in two “circle times” lead by the teachers that include music and sharing, and are often accompanied by a relevant story or “lesson” presented in a fun, interactive way. The teachers at Highlands incorporate letters, words, numbers, and science into their lessons while staying true to the play-based philosophy of the school.


Highlands offers extra-curricular enrichment in several subjects, including art, movement, and science. All of these enrichment programs are presented by engaging, credentialed preschool teachers and specialists. The teachers at Highlands also help facilitate social interactions for the children, modeling how to share, take turns, and communicate productively with each other and with adults. Challenges are handled with gentle words and positive re-direction.


Highlands Schedule for each class is:
Tuesday/Thursday Class 9AM-12PM
Monday/Wednesday/Friday Class 9AM-1PM.