Highlands Preschool Home
For more than 50 years, Highlands Preschool has provided a warm and enriching environment to encourage and foster imagination and creativity.

Highlands offers extra-curricular enrichment in several subjects, including Spanish, art, movement, and science. All of these enrichment programs are presented by engaging, credentialed preschool teachers and specialists.

Highlands is staffed by a team of talented, loving, and credentialed teachers who are entirely focused on creating a wonderful experience for Highlands students and families.

Co-op Responsibilities
Highlands is a co-op preschool, which means that parents are involved in many aspects of the school.

The school’s fundraising efforts enable Highlands to continue to offer a wonderful array of enrichment programs, including Spanish instruction, hands-on art projects, movement classes, and visits from animal experts and their animal friends.

Inside Highlands Preschool there are two large connecting classrooms with a play kitchen, reading corner, sand table, toys, dress-up, easels, and activity tables.

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